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Common Misconceptions Of IT Risk Management

Posted on June 11, 2015

Managed security services from EzentriaWe live in an era where the mindset of the modern business is slowly starting to change in reference to the ever-growing complexity of how corporations keep their sensitive information safe. Nevertheless, the same rules that apply to every other transformative period of human culture still apply: some of the old and outdated myths we once ferociously clung to still remain prevalent, despite the evidence that points to their inadequacy. We here at Ezentria, a provider of many forms of Information Security Assessments and Managed Security Services, would like to take a moment to discuss some of these erroneous views in the hopes of speeding up the process of disillusionment all throughout the business world.

Here are three of the largest and most fallacious myths that somehow prevail within the modern business world.

>IT Security and Risk Management is a problem that begins and ends within the boundaries of the IT department.

IT Security should be seen as just one portion of total, company-wide, information security measures. Take it from a Certified Information Privacy Professional: from hacking to social engineering, there is more than one way for criminals to get their hands on your valuable confidential information. Further, should your company actually suffer a hack, a thorough Information Security Incident Management process to determine when and how the attack succeeded will likely illustrate that there was more to blame than the robustness of an IT security program. Remember: a surprising amount of successful hacks are carried out because an employee was careless with their sensitive information, such as log-in credentials, which the hacker was able to capitalize on.

>Achieving regulatory compliance equates achieving perfect security.

No, but it is a great place to start! There is no such thing as perfect security for IT systems and data because the threats are constantly evolving – some times at rates that are faster than the ones at which new security solutions are being developed. It is critical to never forget that as soon as someone develops a new way to stop cyber attacks, some malignant genius is already out there working non-stop to find a way around it. The more a company lets their security measures stagnate and remain unchanged simply because they meet regulatory compliance the more they are asking for trouble.

>Strong IT Risk Management measures are ridiculously expensive.

It all depends upon what kind of measures you need to put in place, as well as the scope of the project, but for the most part a solid IT security package doesn’t have to be that expensive. True, companies that spring for the full-time CISO are going to have to pay them a good amount of money, but there are alternatives such as our Virtual CISO program which brings you all the benefits at a fraction of the cost.

Remember, as we witness this sea-change in the business world’s response to IT security and threat management, it is important that each of us remember the simple truth that there is always more to Information Security than we at first think. As such, if you have any questions about your current security measures, or would like to learn more about the other options available to you, call us today at 1-800-230-0780!

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