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Security Assessments

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Determine the strength of your Information Security.

Is Your Organization at Risk?

A security assessment is a critical first step to understanding, identifying, and resolving your IT vulnerabilities and risks. Ezentria consultants specialize in helping small and midsize businesses (<500 employees) with limited internal resources assess their environments for compliance with security best practices and industry standards. If we find a weakness, our team will also help you implement an appropriate fix.

These assessments are often a requirement of industry-specific information security and frameworks such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and FISMA. If you require an assessment for Compliance Certification and need help with other aspects of preparing for your audit, learn more about our Ezentria ComplyWise program.

Information Security Assessment | Ezentria

Ezentria Assessment Services

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Administrative Controls Assessment | Ezentria

Administrative Controls

An Information Security Assessment where your system and network security is tested and examined in a bi-fold manner.

Cyber Security Assessment | Ezentria

Cyber Security

An Assessment that uses the NIST CSF standard to determine your readiness to prevent, mitigate, and respond to cyber threats.

Federal Security Controls

A NIST SP 800-53 Assessment for U.S. Federal Government Agencies and their suppliers.

Information Security Risk

An Information Security and Privacy Assessment using the guidelines and approach from ISO 27005 Risk Management.

Network Security Assessment | Ezentria

Network Security

An Assessment of your organization's Network policies, practices, architecture, and vulnerabilities—both internal and external.

Penetration Testing | Ezentria

Penetration Testing

An Assessment that vigorously attempts to discover potential security gaps or weaknesses within your network, systems, and applications.

Security Controls Assessment | Ezentria

Security Controls

An Assessment that allows you to chose a framework (such as ISO 27002 or CIS Top 20) to examine your security controls.

Vendor Risk Assessment | Ezentria

Vendor Risk

An Assessment that examines the information security controls, practices, and policies of your supply chain partners.

Vulnerability Assessment | Ezentria


An Assessment of your entire IT infrastructure to identify any conceivable weakness including required updates and patches.

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In our clients' words...

"The Ezentria team did a great job keeping us on task with a weekly rhythm that kept the momentum moving in a positive direction. Having Ezentria by our side the whole way gave us the confidence to keep at it, overcome the many obstacles, and get over the finish line."

J. Olinger, CEO

"Ezentria helped us improve the status of information security enabling management to demonstrate due diligence to our customers. They provided strategic consulting and guidance throughout the entire engagement and hands-on tactical work when needed."

— B. Cooper, CISO

"Their templates provided a strong base for us to adapt our existing policies to the standard, and their advice and guidance through every phase helped build my confidence."

— J. Thomas, Senior Vice President

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a security assessment?

A security assessment uses a methodology to analyze information assets for vulnerabilities and potential threats. The methodology can use quantitative or qualitative scores to identify and prioritize risks. Risks above the organization's acceptable level will need to be treated.

Who performs a security assessment?

While some large organizations may have internal resources that can perform a security assessment, most small and midsize businesses will require assistance from external experts. An information security consultant or compliance specialist can usually perform a information security assessment. An experienced consultant will bring proven techniques and best practices. Choose a consultant that has experience in your industry with similar-sized companies.

What are some security risk assessment methodologies?

Most security frameworks don't specify the methodology to use. However, some provide minimum assessment requirements. Popular models include ISO 27005, PCI DSS, Capability Maturity Models (CMM), and Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR).

What is a vendor risk assessment?

A vendor risk assessment looks at the risks of doing business with companies within your supply chain. This can include suppliers, partners, and customers that transact business electronically or have access to your network infrastructure. The assessment will identify the risks and determine if they can be eliminated or lowered to acceptable levels.

What is a network assessment?

A network assessment will look at your network's infrastructure, assets, architecture, and security to identify potential issues, threats, vulnerabilities, and risks.

What is an IT risk assessment?

An IT risk assessment will look at your IT infrastructure, assets, architecture, and security to identify potential issues, threats, vulnerabilities, and risks.
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