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The True Value Of A CISO

Posted on August 7, 2015

Certified information privacy professional from EzentriaA recent information security insider survey has resulted in the appropriation of a very unsettling statistic – that far too many businesses in the world today do not place enough value on the role of the CISO. In fact, many of the survey respondents claimed that they felt as though their company saw the position of CISO, to say nothing of the appropriate IT security expenses necessary to keep the sensitive data their business relies upon secure, as nothing short of an unpleasant grudge-purchase primarily made to keep auditors happy. As a company of Certified Information Privacy Professionals who provide services touching every aspect of information security from an initial Information Security Assessment to a full-scale assortment of managed security services, we are alarmed at this result.

A CISO is, and should be, seen as one of the inalienable foundations that helps to support the business throughout each and every day of it’s existence. With over 70% of respondents to the above survey admitting the fact that the external threats to the security of their corporation’s information have grown in both frequency and complexity in just the past few years alone, the fact that they can still look down upon the CISO – the Chief Information Security Officer – is just plain beyond the scope of common sense. One would think that a corporate executive would not have to sit through a class or two of Information Security Awareness Training in order to understand how important IT security is to the very survival of even the most robust company.

Never forget: the sensitive information of a company is it’s lifeblood – and it must be protected at all costs.

Executives who look down upon IT security expenditures and the CISO who directs them are living in a naïve dreamworld if they think that dealing with constantly evolving cyber threats does not equate into a constantly evolving threat-response regimen. Internal threats, external threats, social engineering and outright old-fashioned network hacking are all just a few of the nearly limitless threats that all modern businesses face, and at the end of the day it is the job of the CISO to manage, and eliminate, all of them. With only about one-third of businesses surveyed reporting that IT security can translate into Return-On-Investment, it would seem to us that a large problem many businesses are having is with the expensive nature of a CISO and IT security as a whole.

Here at Ezentria, we believe we have the solution to such a dilemma. While a good CISO will truly be worth their weight in gold, not every business in the world today can afford to pay such a premium rate. That is where we come in. One of our varied managed security services is what we call the Virtual CISO. We have developed this form of our managed security services so that we can help relieve your company of the burden that comes with taking responsibility for the growth, implementation and maintenance of information security measures at a fraction of the cost of hiring a CISO!

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