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Great qualities in a certified information privacy professional.

Posted on October 15, 2015

Certified information privacy professional from EzentriaWith data security worries being at an all-time high, companies are racing to put privacy policies and practices into place. Very quickly it can become an overwhelming task to ensure data security requirements, customer confidentiality, and training of employees on the new policies and privacy issues. By selecting a certified information privacy professional to secure company systems, you are sending a message to your stakeholders that the organization is aware of the extreme challenges the society is facing in the current technological stage. Some skills are needed to keep in mind when selecting a specialist. They may seem like only a few, but nonetheless they are seriously significant.

When hiring someone, take stock that they have a mind that is legally focused, with backgrounds in technology and intellectual property. Also, having a CIPP certification ensures that your choice is a knowledgeable, capable and dedicated privacy professional. When choosing a privacy expert certified in CIPP, it not only solidifies that they are aware of the privacy laws and regulations but also knows how to apply them successfully. It is important that you find someone who can establish privacy framework and compliance structure.

Choosing a crystal clear communicator assures that all privacy policies are well written. Having the ability to provide communication among all stakeholders is imperative to inform all about the strategic objective and how the objective relates to privacy issues and potential risks the company could face.

Making sure your specialist is risk aware is important so that teams from all departments are brought up to speed. Security standards on internal processes will be necessary to put in place, collaboration on risk assessment with the security team. In case of a data breach, your specialist should be able to communicate with the public relations team to prepare a Crisis Communication Plan for customers and stakeholders.

Having a future focused authority on changing technological innovation, lobbying efforts, pending legislations or anything that could change the scenery in the land of privacy as it pertains to companies and organizations is necessary. Planning for future changes in technology and regulations show that they possess the ability to view every aspect of your business as if they were a customer who is very privacy aware.

Selecting the right certified information privacy professional can assist your company in becoming fully prepared for unexpected privacy-related challenges in the future and also build trust with your customers as you are investing in their privacy needs. Ezentria offers full-service information security consulting and development services. Regardless of your information security needs, we have the knowledge and experience you require. Contact us today at 1-800-230-0780 to learn more!

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