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Meaningful Use Risk Analysis

An Explanation Of What A Meaningful Use Risk Analysis Is

Meaningful Use is a set of standards meant to govern the creation, use, dissemination and destruction of Electronic Health Records governed under HIPAA, (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). The purpose of these standards is to ensure that Electronic Health Records are being utilized in ways that can be measured and analyzed in terms of quantity and quality.

The United States Government defines Meaningful Use as being used for:

  • The overall improvement of health care in America
  • Reducing errors in the health care process and records
  • To connect patients and their families to the health care process
  • To improve the health of the population
  • Ensure appropriate privacy and security

There are two Stages to Meaningful Use:

  • Stage 1: Containing 25 objectives for Eligible Providers, and 24 objectives for Eligible Hospitals.
  • Stage 2: Everything from Stage 1, with an added focus on patient involvement and the security measures for the transmission of EHR information

The Many Benefits Of A Meaningful Use Risk Analysis

If you are legally considered as a Covered Entity under HIPAA, then you are legally required to vigorously assess your security programs and safeguards, and adhering to the standards of Meaningful Use is just one facet of that. Meaningful Use dictates that an Information Security Assessment be performed, and any findings addressed. A Meaningful Use Risk Analysis from Ezentria is meant to help you ensure your company or organization will meet all legal requirements.

The multifaceted and extremely thorough nature of this assessment is one of its greatest values. Not only will you be made aware of any ways or means in which your established expectations of information security safeguards are not being met, we will also be able to advise you of any new methods or procedures which might be added to your existing set-up in order to raise the standard your company sets for information security and consumer confidence to the highest level.

Another benefit of a Meaningful Use Risk Analysis from Ezentria is that we will be able to tell you, in great detail, not only where the dangers to the security of your information are to be found, but also what you can do to mitigate or eliminate those gaps. It is an extremely valuable and thorough form of Information Security Assessment, and can be preceded by HIPAA Awareness Training for maximum efficiency.

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