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An Explanation Of What A FIPS/FISMA Audit Is

A FIPS/FISMA Audit is a two-pronged auditing tool which consists of a comparison of the current state of your systems and network security protocols against two very important standards:

FIPS – The Federal Information Processing Standard. This standard is compulsory for all non-military government agencies, as well as any of their contractors. It’s purpose is to ensure government agencies are using identical standards to secure their vital information.

FISMA – The Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002. This act requires all federal agencies to implement a certain set of policies, procedures and system upgrades in order to ensure network security in a cost-effective manner.

FISMA specifically defines Information Security as protecting all data from unauthorized access or modification, while focusing on data integrity, confidentiality, and accessibility to authorized individuals. The FISMA standard endorses the following framework to achieve compliance within every agency or organization required to be compliant by federal law:

  • Enumeration of Information Systems
  • Ranking Systems and Data by Risk Level
  • Security Controls
  • Risk Assessments
  • Plans and Procedures For System Security
  • Certification/Accreditation
  • Continuing Maintenance

The Many Benefits Of A FIPS/FISMA Audit

If you are unsure about whether or not your company needs a FIPS/FISMA Audit, the first thing to do is to determine if one is required on account of regulatory compliance. This will typically be the case if you are part of a government agency or a government contractor. If not, it can still not be understated that a FIPS/FISMA is certainly a good idea, and should be considered good business practice for those seeking the highest level of information security. Especially when it comes to Key Escrow, there is no higher standard to which a company can be held.

Another benefit of a FIPS/FISMA Audit from Ezentria is that we will be able to tell you, in great detail, not only where the dangers to the security of your information are to be found, but also what you can do to mitigate or eliminate those gaps. We also offer Information Security Courses and Information Security Training to best help you and your clients achieve total confidence in the security of your systems and data.

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