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Security Problems in the Modern Workplace

Posted on August 30, 2017

You may know how to protect your company from hackers, scammers, and others with malicious intent. Your company’s security needs to be tight to ensure its success. Are you sure that your security can stand up to the problems of today’s workplaces? The workplace has changed in the past few years, and so have the security issues you can face.

Does your business allow employees to bring their own devices to the office? BYOD causes a variety of unique security problems that may not be worth the ease of access for employees. There is less opportunity for employees to ensure that sketchy and virus-laden programs stay off these devices. If an employee is lax with their device’s security, all the company’s information can be taken by an unscrupulous hacker or malicious employee.

If your business has multiple locations or employees who work from home, you might invest in cloud computing in order to keep company information in a single place. The benefit of this is that your employees can access their work from wherever they happen to be. This benefit is also the biggest downside, however—anyone with the key to your cloud network can access your company’s vital information. This can lead to hackers installing ransomware on your system, which keeps you from accessing your business information unless you pay a fee or hire costly data recovery services.

Another modern workplace security issue is the widespread use of social media. When employees keep important passwords behind security questions like the name of their pets or high school, their social media can then betray their online safety. It’s easy for a scammer to find personal information about your employees and use it to guess their passwords with remarkable accuracy.

You can avoid problems with these modern workplace security issues and more with a comprehensive strategic security program such as ISO 27001. Ezentria can help you secure your workplace and strengthen client relationships while increasing your competitive advantage. Contact us today for assistance formulating the best plan for your business.

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